Imagine Cup 2010 Result Announced

Imagine Cup 2010 result just announced. Thailand had won the cup again this year. The result for all category are as follow:

Software Design Category

  • Champion: Skeek (Thailand)
  • First-runner Up: TFZR (Serbia)
  • Second-runner Up: OneBeep (New Zealand)

Embedded Development Category:

  • Champion: SmarterME (Taiwan)
  • First-runner Up: MCPC (Russia)
  • Second-runner Up: GERAS (France)

Game Design Category:

  • Champion: By Implication (Philippines)
  • First-runner Up: Nom Nom Productions (Belgium)
  • Second-runner Up: Gears Studio (France)

Digital Media Category:

  • Champion: Ka-Chi (Taiwan)
  • First-runner Up: Dreaming Spirits (Saudi Arabia)
  • Second-runner Up: Woolgathering (Singapore)

IT Challenge Category

  • Champion: NBRanger (China)
  • First-runner Up: Miklos Cari Sivila (Bolivia)
  • Second-runner Up: zxc1984 (Singapore)

Envisioning 2020 Award

  • Champion: Jigga-Dongxi (Taiwan)
  • First-runner Up: KOLA (India)
  • Second-runner Up: Target Locked (India)

Internet Explorer 8 Award

  • Champion: Rhea (Poland)
  • First-runner Up: LittleRitle (Poland)
  • Second-runner Up: CieszakTeam (Poland)
  • Accelerator: Samba Samba (Brazil)
  • Visual Search: BigTurtle (Russia)
  • Web Slice: Invention Task Force (Poland)

Next Generation Web Award

  • Champion: Wanna Be Alice (Korea)
  • First-runner Up: Rhea (Poland)
  • Second-runner Up: Samba Samba (Brazil)

Interoperability Award

  • Champion: Xormis (Jamaica)
  • First-runner Up: Uptiva Dreams IT (Brazil)
  • Second-runner Up: Chandradimuka (Indonesia)

Touch & Tablet Accessibility Award

  • Champion: Team Note-Taker (United States)
  • First-runner Up: OneView (United States)

Windows Phone 7 “Rockstar” Award

  • Champion: Beastware (United States)
  • First-runner Up: Tselina (Indonesia)
  • Second-runner Up: Hypo Team (Malaysia)

Resource from result announcement page and Imagine Cup twitter.

In addition, all finalist of Imagine Cup 2010 will get a Windows Phone 7. Wow, the best ever present given to all finalist. All of them now can develop Windows Phone 7 right on the new phone!

Although Team HDC from Malaysia didn’t make it this time but they go all the way to top 6 of Software Design category which never happen before on Malaysia team. They make us proud and they have sure bring Imagine Cup Malaysia to the next level. Guys and girls, don’t give up, this is not the end of the journey but the beginning of your great future! Even you guys want to join again next year or mentoring other team, I will still support you guys!

Imagine Cup 2011 will be at New York, USA. First Lady, Michele Obama, sends all finalist a virtual welcome to New York next year. Yeah. I though Imagine Cup will never make it at USA due to visa problem, but year 2011 will going be there. Sure a lot of fun at there. I’m interested to join again man!

For more detail visit Imagine Cup website.

By the way, I don’t see Joe Wilson this year, where is he?

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

Imagine Cup 2010 – People’s Choice Award

Imagine Cup 2010 had put up the video submitted by all competitors that successfully get into the worldwide final round for software design category. All Imagine Cup  projects share the same vision, that is to solve the world toughest problem. Support your most favorite team or project by give your vote to them! Show your support to them before 7th of July 2010 which is the closing date for People’s Choice Award voting.

People’s Choice Award:

I’m going to show my support to my own country team while take a look at ideas of other countries team and support them as well if I like it.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

Imagine Cup 2010 US – People’s Choice Award

Imagine Cup 2010 US is having People’s Choice Award again this year, where other can see the great creativity work from US competitor and vote which one you like the most. Here is the top 10 competitor’s creativity work showing in video.

I strong advice all Imagine Cup competitors to have a look on other country’s competitors work and compare it with your own project then make some adjustment through learning from others. Let’s watch some video!

Link: Imagine Cup 2010 US – People’s Choice Award website

by Ooi Keng Siang

Imagine Cup 2010 – Windows Phone 7 “Rockstar” Award

Can’t get enough of Imagine Cup prizes? Craving for latest Windows Phone 7 Series? Want to increase the chances to attend the worldwide Imagine Cup at Poland? Here is the Windows Phone 7 “Rockstar” Award. Let’s rock!



Attractive prize awaiting competitor to grab away.

  • First Prize: $8,000 USD, a trip to the Worldwide Finals in Warsaw, Poland and a Windows 7 phone for each team member.
  • Second Prize: $4,000 USD and a Windows 7 Phone for each team member
  • Third Prize: $3,000 USD and a Windows 7 Phone for each team member



  • Create an mobile application that able to running on an actual Windows 7 device or in an emulator.
  • Application must be created in either Silverlight or XNA.
  • Submit one or more ‘XAP’ application packages that focus on originality, consumer
    appeal and unique mobile features.


Craving for Windows 7 Phone? This is the best chance to win yourself a Windows 7 Phone first even before it hit the market. Round 1 competition end at 24th May 2010, competitors still have plenty of time to develop the application from ground up.


For more information visit Imagine Cup worldwide website or check out the Rules and Regulations for this award.

Have any question, ask in the forum.


I wish I can join this competition to grab away the Windows 7 phone myself. I wish I’m still a student now!!!


by Ooi Keng Siang

Imagine Cup 2010 – Envisioning 2020 Award

Get to know Imagine Cup too late? Don’t have enough time to compete in your country final for Software Design? Disqualified in selection round in other categories? Not a IT student? Not good with multimedia? Yet with all those yes but still want to go for Poland?

Here is the chance. Imagine Cup announce Envisioning 2020 Award on 2nd of March. You doesn’t need to create a software that can change the world, but you need to create a video to express your vision for how technology could transform people’s lives by the year 2020. The Semi-finalists will get the tickets to go to Poland and stand a chance to grab away 8000 USD.

Competitors doesn’t need to create a software like other awards or categories. Competitors also doesn’t need to capture a video with professional equipment or skill too. The world need your ideas, what important is your ideas! The judges criteria are stress on inventiveness of your idea, potential for impact and technical plausibility. The award is just started, competitors still have a lot of time for the video, why not go for it if you have a great idea in your mind!

Who said only good in Computer Sciences / Information Technology students can make the different in Imagine Cup? Why not those who are not from CS/IT background make the different? Who said only those with professional skill can capture video for the future, why not you capture your own video with your creativity idea? Start create your own story and video and make the different!

For more information visit Envisioning 2020 Award page.

For Envisioning 2020 Award detail get the document from here.

Any question for this award? Post and ask here.

by Ooi Keng Siang

Imagine Cup 2010 – Internet Explorer 8 Award

For those who participate Imagine Cup and developing something related with the web, here got another good news! The Internet Explorer 8 Award. Your team stand a chance to grab away addition 5000USD beside the big prize at Poland. It is not just one but up to 6 prizes!!!

The requirement is fairly simple, your team need to create a website that utilize Web Slices, Accelerators and Visual Search that is compatible with Internet Explorer 8. If your team is creating something relate with the web, why not have a little modification and stand a chance to grab those cash?

Interested to know more? Visit Internet Explorer 8 Award

The rule and regulations for this award can view from here Internet Explorer 8 Award – Rule and Regulations

by Ooi Keng Siang