Imagine Cup 2010 Result Announced

Imagine Cup 2010 result just announced. Thailand had won the cup again this year. The result for all category are as follow:

Software Design Category

  • Champion: Skeek (Thailand)
  • First-runner Up: TFZR (Serbia)
  • Second-runner Up: OneBeep (New Zealand)

Embedded Development Category:

  • Champion: SmarterME (Taiwan)
  • First-runner Up: MCPC (Russia)
  • Second-runner Up: GERAS (France)

Game Design Category:

  • Champion: By Implication (Philippines)
  • First-runner Up: Nom Nom Productions (Belgium)
  • Second-runner Up: Gears Studio (France)

Digital Media Category:

  • Champion: Ka-Chi (Taiwan)
  • First-runner Up: Dreaming Spirits (Saudi Arabia)
  • Second-runner Up: Woolgathering (Singapore)

IT Challenge Category

  • Champion: NBRanger (China)
  • First-runner Up: Miklos Cari Sivila (Bolivia)
  • Second-runner Up: zxc1984 (Singapore)

Envisioning 2020 Award

  • Champion: Jigga-Dongxi (Taiwan)
  • First-runner Up: KOLA (India)
  • Second-runner Up: Target Locked (India)

Internet Explorer 8 Award

  • Champion: Rhea (Poland)
  • First-runner Up: LittleRitle (Poland)
  • Second-runner Up: CieszakTeam (Poland)
  • Accelerator: Samba Samba (Brazil)
  • Visual Search: BigTurtle (Russia)
  • Web Slice: Invention Task Force (Poland)

Next Generation Web Award

  • Champion: Wanna Be Alice (Korea)
  • First-runner Up: Rhea (Poland)
  • Second-runner Up: Samba Samba (Brazil)

Interoperability Award

  • Champion: Xormis (Jamaica)
  • First-runner Up: Uptiva Dreams IT (Brazil)
  • Second-runner Up: Chandradimuka (Indonesia)

Touch & Tablet Accessibility Award

  • Champion: Team Note-Taker (United States)
  • First-runner Up: OneView (United States)

Windows Phone 7 “Rockstar” Award

  • Champion: Beastware (United States)
  • First-runner Up: Tselina (Indonesia)
  • Second-runner Up: Hypo Team (Malaysia)

Resource from result announcement page and Imagine Cup twitter.

In addition, all finalist of Imagine Cup 2010 will get a Windows Phone 7. Wow, the best ever present given to all finalist. All of them now can develop Windows Phone 7 right on the new phone!

Although Team HDC from Malaysia didn’t make it this time but they go all the way to top 6 of Software Design category which never happen before on Malaysia team. They make us proud and they have sure bring Imagine Cup Malaysia to the next level. Guys and girls, don’t give up, this is not the end of the journey but the beginning of your great future! Even you guys want to join again next year or mentoring other team, I will still support you guys!

Imagine Cup 2011 will be at New York, USA. First Lady, Michele Obama, sends all finalist a virtual welcome to New York next year. Yeah. I though Imagine Cup will never make it at USA due to visa problem, but year 2011 will going be there. Sure a lot of fun at there. I’m interested to join again man!

For more detail visit Imagine Cup website.

By the way, I don’t see Joe Wilson this year, where is he?

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

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