How To Install User Script in Firefox with TamperMonkey

Install TamperMonkey on your Firefox browser first if you haven’t done yet. It should be as easy as any add-on install. TamperMonkey support Firefox Quantum, so it should have no problem running on the latest Firefox version. You should notice the TamperMonkey icon is added in the toolbar once you have it installed.


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How to Copy / Download User Script from GitHub

Many user ask us this question because they are not familiar / never use GitHub before. You doesn’t need any other tool or client program to download the code in GitHub. Since user script usually available in a single file, it is easy enough to just go and download that single file or direct copy in text form from there.

First go to the repository you are interested. Look for .user.js file. Click on it to open.


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MouseHunt AutoBot 2.00

Actually I haven’t been playing the MouseHunt for a really long long time, maybe 2013. But many players messaged me that the bot I created so many years ago was broken now due to the latest changes. I’m really surprised. I though that the bot was broken many years ago and others has took up the responsibility and make a newer version to replace mine.


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Fish Wrangler AutoBot Isn’t Broken

I receive multiple e-mails in the past few days telling me that the Fish Wrangler AutoBot is broken. No they aren’t. They are running fine. The only thing that are broken is the warning sound when treasure is encounter. The rest are running fine. Check out the screen shot that I just capture below.


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iOS WkWebview Return A Blank Screen / White Screen

Try to code your first example of WkWebview / UIWebView in your iOS app always return a blank screen or white screen? You are not alone. Apparently since iOS 9, all HTTP / non-secure web connection is block by default. It is something call App Transport Security (ATS).

You can add the following configuration into Info.plist to allow WkWebview / UIWebView to load HTTP / non-secure web page:

    <key> NSAllowsArbitraryLoadsInWebContent</key>

Or you can completely disable App Transport Security by



Remove Parallels Shared Applications from Windows Start Menu

Parallel installation tool is a nightmare, it add a bunch of Mac Application short-cut which I don’t see any useful into the Windows VM machine. If you ever run uninstall Parallel, they won’t go away.

You will need to go to the following location to remove them manually:

  • C:\Users\${USERNAME}\AppData\Roaming\Parallels\Shared Applications
  • C:\Users\${USERNAME}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu

If your Windows have multiple user account, you might need to go to all user folder to remove them one by one.

Parallel, I’m done with you.


Payload Contains Two or More Files with The Same Destination Path Error in UWP

Encounter the following error after I update all my nuget package in my UWP project including Azure Mobile Crashes package.

error APPX1101: Payload contains two or more files with the same destination path ‘WatsonRegistrationUtility.dll’.

At first I though the new package is broken, so I downgrade the package yet the problem persisted even after I do a clean up and rebuild. Some search on Stackoverflow doesn’t help. For example update my UWP library version or clean up bin or obj folder.

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System.ComponentModel.TypeDescriptionProvider Error

What Happen

Encounter this error what trying to compile a Windows Phone 8.1 project: “Xaml Internal Error error WMC9999: Cannot find type System.ComponentModel.TypeDescriptionProvider in module System.dll”

What Caused

Playing around with my project by try to install Entity Framework from nuget, then remove them later. The compilation start to fail starting from there.

What Solution

Go to References, look for System.ComponentModel or System.ComponentModel.* references. In my case, it is the System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations. Remove them and try recompile your project again. It should work now.

Xamarin Test Recorder Installation: VSIXInstaller.NoApplicableSKUsException

I came across Xamarin Test Recorder a few days ago, and feel that it really can solve the pain I have with Appium which need a lot of work to write a single test. Give it a try to install but it fail with the following message below and no body in the marketplace review seem to know why and leave a one star review. Because no body care to read the description!

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