Failed to Launch Android Device Monitor

Every time I reformatted my machine and reinstall back Android Studio / Visual Studio. There are always some components in Android development tools are broken. It work perfectly previous, but now it doesn’t work on new freshly installed machine. It is always a new problem. This is annoying.

When I launch Android Device Monitor from Visual Studio 2017 or launch the android device monitor manually from executable. The following error pop up.

Failed to load the JNI shared library “C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_181\bin\..\jre\bin\server\jvm.dll”

Depend on your installed JDK version, the error message might be different.

This is because Visual Studio tried to launch the x86 version of Android Device Monitor, while my machine only have x64 Java SDK / JDK installed, so it complain that. Unlike previous Visual Studio which install x86 JDK, all new Visual Studio now come with x64 JDK only.

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Connecting Bluetooth Mouse in Windows 10 on Macbook Pro

Connecting a bluetooth mouse in Windows should be a fairly easy and strait forward thing. Thing can get complicated fast when Windows is running on Macbook / Mac device or you previously tried reformat the Windows running on Macbook / Mac device. You may find that your bluetooth mouse no longer able to connect to Windows after that.

If you face the same problem like bluetooth mouse keep on connect and disconnect in Windows running on Macbook, try reset the NVRAM on Macbook. It basically remove and “forget” all connected devices, so you can connect them again. This will make MacOS running on the same device forget the all bluetooth device as well. You will need to manually connect all again.

You might want to turn off energy saving on bluetooth mouse in Windows 10 as well to prevent it keep on disconnecting the mouse. So much trouble to just get a bluetooth mouse working as usual.

How to Switch to New FreshCoat Layout for MouseHunt

The latest MouseHunt AutoBot script (version 2.04) only work on the new layout of MouseHunt. If you are running on old layout, the script will hang after sounding the horn. I will fix them in future, but currently the only way to make sure the script run without problem is use the new layout. Here is how you can do it:

First, go to Help > User Preferences


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MouseHunt AutoBot 2.05 Update

I’m back in the game, it has been a while since I left the game. Enjoying the Chinese New Year event and Winter Olympic event (also server down event).  Here are some quick update what is in the latest update.

  • Do no disturb time. (Help avoid warning sound when you sleep. Sleep is important)
  • Cheese zero warning.
  • Stop warning sound when king reward is resolved.
  • Clean up a bunch old code.


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How To Install User Script in Firefox with TamperMonkey

Install TamperMonkey on your Firefox browser first if you haven’t done yet. It should be as easy as any add-on install. TamperMonkey support Firefox Quantum, so it should have no problem running on the latest Firefox version. You should notice the TamperMonkey icon is added in the toolbar once you have it installed.


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How to Copy / Download User Script from GitHub

Many user ask us this question because they are not familiar / never use GitHub before. You doesn’t need any other tool or client program to download the code in GitHub. Since user script usually available in a single file, it is easy enough to just go and download that single file or direct copy in text form from there.

First go to the repository you are interested. Look for .user.js file. Click on it to open.


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MouseHunt AutoBot 2.00

Actually I haven’t been playing the MouseHunt for a really long long time, maybe 2013. But many players messaged me that the bot I created so many years ago was broken now due to the latest changes. I’m really surprised. I though that the bot was broken many years ago and others has took up the responsibility and make a newer version to replace mine.


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Fish Wrangler AutoBot Isn’t Broken

I receive multiple e-mails in the past few days telling me that the Fish Wrangler AutoBot is broken. No they aren’t. They are running fine. The only thing that are broken is the warning sound when treasure is encounter. The rest are running fine. Check out the screen shot that I just capture below.


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