Xamarin Test Recorder Installation: VSIXInstaller.NoApplicableSKUsException

I came across Xamarin Test Recorder a few days ago, and feel that it really can solve the pain I have with Appium which need a lot of work to write a single test. Give it a try to install but it fail with the following message below and no body in the marketplace review seem to know why and leave a one star review. Because no body care to read the description!

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Fish Wrangler AutoBot 1.08 – Back?

I got multiple requests from users to update the script since it was broken like 2 months ago, but I never got any time to do it. Userscript website where I used to upload is also no longer exist. This blog’s update is stopped for 4 years. Many things happen in the past few years.

OK, I got some time and I did a simple fix on the script (Nothing is improved, but at least it is not broken). The script should work like it used to by now. I have uploaded the script to GitHub instead. Reason? Just in case I don’t have any time and anyone want to fix it can do the fix and share with everyone easily.


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SQLite Problem in Universal Windows Platform

Since they are no SQLite library that direct support Universal Windows Platform (Windows 10 app) currently yet, we are force to use the SQLite for Windows 8.1 instead. For those who use SQLite in Windows 8 / 8.1 app and wanted to upgrade their project to Universal Windows Platform, you may encounter th following message if you try to follow the tutorial of adding SQLite to Windows 8.1 project.

An exception of type ‘System.DllNotFoundException’ occurred but was not handled in user code

Additional information: Unable to load DLL ‘sqlite3’: The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)

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Comparing Ad Providers in Windows Phone (My Experience)

More and more ad providers are starting to provider ad service for Windows Phone platform. As a Windows Phone developer, I find it very difficult to find any blog post or review comparing the ad providers in Windows Phone. (You can find a lot for Android and iOS.) I’m writing this blog post according to my own experience as a Windows Phone developer dealing with the ad providers. Hopefully this can help you select which ad providers to include in your apps without going through too much trouble.


Before you continue read this post, you need to understand the following things:

  • The fill-rate, CTR (click through rate), eCPM (pay per thousand impression) and eCPC (pay per click) are vary according to app, category, country and platform.
  • I only used the SDK for Windows Phone 7 version the ad providers given instead of Windows Phone 8 version since I wanted to support as many device as possible.
  • The list below are sorted according to my own preference according to their performance previously.
  • Those are my own experiences, it maybe vary from others.
  • Please don’t compare the eCPM or eCPC with other platform like Android or iOS… just don’t.

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Memory Leak in Inneractive Ad SDK 1.1.2 for Windows Phone 7

Recently I have been trying different advertisement providers for my Windows Phone apps. Inneractive was one of them. It is relative easy to setup and the SDK is well documented. Everything go smooth at first, then I realize my app force close due to running out of memory for a few times which cause me to investigate what actually cause the memory leak in my app.

After spending a lot of time investigate what went wrong, I suspect Inneractive Ad control was causing the memory leak. This because whenever the ad is show in my app, the memory is not release completely after the page is close. In order to prove that, I have created a 2 page Windows Phone project with Inneractive ad control and I was right. The Inneractive ad control is leaking memory. Although the amount is small, it is important in my app because I display at 2 ads in one page and this can really drive up the memory very fast and force the app to terminate.

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My First Visual / Infographic Resume

One day, one of my friends contacted me for a job offer. His company is hiring and he wish to recommend me to the manager. Let’s not mention about the company’s name. Hmm… it is a multi-nation company with M character in front, that’s all. So I think it is a great chances to try something different and it is a big company, why not give it a try, right?

Well, since it is big and well-known company, I assume there will be a lot of submission other than mine. I need a special and attractive resume to impress the manager. Something like infographic to represent my resume will be great. Honestly, I’m not really good with design or photoshop, so I need something simple yet good enough to stand out from others. In the end, I choose to use timeline and map base design to create my own visual resume.

Below are the first 2 pages of my resume. It is a summary of the whole resume in visual format. The first page show my working experiences, education and my own projects in timeline. While the second page show my worldwide achievements in a world map. I also afraid that some one might want to know more detail about my work from the resume, so I included another 6 pages of “boring” text base writeup with detail info after the visual resume.


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MouseHunt AutoBot 1.28 in Google Chrome version 27 Problem and Solution

I have received lot of lot of comments regarding MouseHunt Autobot 1.28 no longer work in Facebook MouseHunt app running Google Chome. Actually I’m in a tight schedule developing my own project, but I have received a lot of comments which I no longer can ignore them. So I done some homework on what actually happen.

First of all, the script is still doing great (This surprise me). The MouseHunt game doesn’t change anything that affected the script too (If you run the script through Firefox, they are running smooth). So, the only thing left is the Google Chrome itself. Yes, some how Google Chrome version 27 no longer allow user scripts to run in iframe (MouseHunt in Facebook run in iframe) by default. In order to allow user scripts to run in iframe, an additional manifest need to be included together with the userscript. I find it very troublesome to distribute the user script in two separate files, so I ignored this option.

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Install / Uninstall User Script in Google Chrome through Tampermonkey Extension

This post is intended to help the Google Chrome users on how to install or uninstall user script (or Google they call it Content Script) in their browser. Google Chrome rapid updates and changing had cause a lot of problems on how user can install user scripts and how the user script interact with the browser. To make thing simple, I’m going to introduce you all to Tampermonkey extension in Google Chrome which is very similar to Geasemonkey add-on in Firefox. Trust me, this will make your life easier.


How to install user scrips in Google Chrome

Step 1: Open Tampermonkey extension and install it. Once you have installed the extension, you should see a Tampermonkey icon button at the top right hand side corner near the Menu button in Google Chrome.

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Microsoft Word 2013 – Remove Markup Area

In my previous post, I have encounters a problem in Microsoft Word 2013 where the markup area (a huge blank space on the right hand side which is colored in light silver / gray color) keep on pop-up whenever I tries to print my word document or I save my document to PDF format. Instead hiding it every time whenever I tries to print the document, I have found a way to completely remove it.


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Windows Phone – Max Database Size Problem in SQL CE

If you have encounters an SQLCeException error during a LINQ operation for example Union on a very large data set, check the error message. If the error message shows something like “The database file is larger than the configured maximum database size. This setting takes effect on the first concurrent database connection only.“, then congratulation to you, because you just hit the limit.

The Windows Phone team think any application in phone should not use that much memory, but still some of us might hit this limit. For example like me which required to search through 20,000+ data sets with complicated search conditions. The solution to this problem is pretty simple, add a max database size in the connection string to SQL CE. You will need a complete connection string this time instead of just defind the location of your SQL CE database file.

For example, my connection string before this is as follow:


Then after adding the max database size parameter and convert it to a complete connection string, it will become like this:

@"Data Source='isostore:/CardsDatabase.sdf';Max Database Size=64;"

The 64 in the connection string mean I wants to increase the max database size to 64 MB instead of the default value. Hope this little information can help.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog