Introducing Team dreamBender from Indonesia


Team dreamBender has won the first runner-up of Windows 7 Touch Challenge in Imagine Cup 2011 and bring glory to Indonesia. They will receive 4,000 USD as the winner of the competition. Let me give you all a little bit introduction of the team and their project.

Team dreamBender developed a project call Sparkins. Sparkins is a touch-based solution that helps blind children to learn the Perkins Brailler. It works just like the Perkins Brailler but uses a multi-touch tablet PC. A Perkins Brailler acts as a “pen and paper” in education for the blind. But, the brailler is actually heavy, noisy, difficult to be used by children, and the design is remain unchanged since it is firstly invented. Sparkins is equipped with adaptive finger position recognition to type, so it’s easy to be used by children. It is also equipped with a real-time sound feedback to ease the learning process.

The team consist of 4 members. They are Rizky Ario Nugroho, M. Endri Irfanie, Arnanto Akbar and Dwi Cahyo Nugroho. All of them are from Institut Teknologi Telkom at Indonesia.

This is just a short introduction of the team. Find out the latest from Team dreamBender by liking the team on Facebook fans page, following them on Twitter or read their blog. You can also stay tune in my blog for more update on Team dreamBender and event of Imagine Cup 2011 Worldwide Final at New York City.

by Ooi Keng Siang – MSPSMT via Ooiks’s Blog

Introducing Team MACARA from Indonesia


Team MACARA will represent Indonesia at the Imagine Cup 2011 worldwide finals in New York City in this coming July. The team is participating in the Embedded Development competition and will be competing with the other 19 teams from countries around the world in the same category.

Team MACARA developed a project call EDCOS. It offer as a solution to the problem of global warming, hunger, and renewable energy. EDCOS Project is a controlled system for the cultivation of algae and use algae as a powerful plant. EDCOS project presents a way of cheap, easy, but it has tremendous benefits to overcome the problems we are facing today.

The team consist of 4 members. They are Ednaz Hermawan, Alfan Presekal, Reza Bhaskoro Wibowo and Aditya Rinus Pratama Putra. All of them are from University of Indonesia at Indonesia and Catur Apriono is the mentor of the team.

This is just a short introduction of the team. Find out the latest from Team MACARA by liking the team on Facebook fans page, following them on Twitter or read their blog. You can also stay tune in my blog for more update on Team MACARA and event of Imagine Cup 2011 Worldwide Final at New York City.

by Ooi Keng Siang – MSPSMT via Ooiks’s Blog

Imagine Cup 2011 – Students Solve World Toughest Problem Through Game

In case if you don’t know about Imagine Cup and Game Design competition, Imagine Cup is the world’s premier student technology competition and in Game Design, Imagine Cup challenge the students to solve the world problem through game. Aren’t it is so cool that we can solve the world problem through game?

How can we solve the world problem through game? Although I’m an application developer and a gamer too, but I can’t really come out any idea how game can do that. Every year, the students in Imagine Cup, Game Design category impress me with their great idea. Some of the game might be simple, but how they relate the game and the problem are very creative. I’m looking forward to meet them and learn about their idea in Imagine Cup 2011 Worldwide Final at New York City.

Meanwhile, if you are interested to how students can solve world problem through game this year, meet the finalist of Game Design in Imagine Cup 2011:

Want more? Check out the following too with more detail:

Imagine Cup Social Media Team – MSPs Head to New York City

Just one more month away from Microsoft Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals in New York City in this July. For those of you who are not already aware of the event, the Imagine Cup is the world’s premier student technology competition. More than 400 students from around the world will participate in the worldwide finals event and represent their countries.

This year I have a very special mission in Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals. I won’t be competing in any category nor challenge, but I will be attending as one of the Microsoft Student Partners Social Media Team. As a member of the Social Media Team, I will be responsible for raising awareness about the Imagine Cup and helping to tell the story of innovative students around the world. To learn more about the event, be sure to follow @imaginecup on Twitter and Microsoft Imagine Cup on Facebook. Also, I’ll be posting to this blog, sharing news and updates from my Facebook page and Twitter account.

I will be joined in New York City by 24 other Microsoft Student Partners who will be part of the social media team. Follow all of the MSPs on their journey to New York City by following this Twitter list.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog


Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia – Day 3

Just like the worldwide final in Imagine Cup, Imagine Cup Malaysia also have a mini half day culture day for all the competitors to enjoy and learn about the culture of the place. Since Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia is having at Sarawak this year, so we will be exploring the unique culture of Sarawak this year. I’m super duper excited toward this activity because this is also my first time here at Sarawak.

All of the competitors are taken to the Sarawak Culture Village. Finally, after some tough competition in the hotel, we can have something green today! It is a small village purposely build for tourism purpose (Well, it is impossible for us to go all the way into the jungle to see the long house for now). There have Bidayuh Longhouse, Iban Longhouse, Penan Hut, Malay House, Chinese Farmhouse and many more. Other than that, there is also a theater for the multi-cultural performances. All competitors are invited to watch the traditional dance of Sarawak there. In the end, all competitors are invited to join them on the stages too. I’m not good in describing the view of the village through words, why don’t you take a look at the photos I had taken through out the whole activity by yourself.

Aren’t this year Imagine Cup Malaysia is very amazing? Yeah for sure.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia Result

So which team shall be flying Malaysia flag on the worldwide final of Imagine Cup 2011 at New York City, US this year? Let me give you the list of all the winner this year in Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia.

Software Design Category

  • Champion: Cyber Knightz (UCTI)
  • First-runner Up: Filius Educata (UCTI)
  • Second-runner Up: Asia Science (UCTI)

Other Awards

  • Innovation Award: Cyber Knightz (UCTI)
  • Phone 7 Mobile Development Award: V-Real (TARC)
  • Azure Cloud Computing Award: RGBY (UKM)
  • Presentation Superstars Award: Asia Sciences (UCTI)

As you can see, UCTI swap the most prizes in Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia and they won twice in Imagine Cup Malaysia so far. I bet the university is putting a lot of effort pushing their students in Imagine Cup competition. Well done and great job. Since last year Team HDC went all the way into top 6 of worldwide final of Software Design, so we are expecting the team this year to do even better! We are counting on you team Cyber Knightz to bring back the cup this year.

I shall be tagging along with the team to the worldwide final of Imagine Cup 2011 at New York City, US. I’m selected as one of the 25 Microsoft Student Partners of Social Media Team that will bring you all the most up to date of the event at NYC through social media channel. I can’t wait to be there. New York City, I coming together with Team Cyber Knightz.

Cyber Knightz (UCTI)

Team Members:

  • Tan Jit Ren
  • Chan Wai Lun
  • Ker Jia Chiun
  • Wong Mun Choong

Project Overview: Health3 (Pronounced as Healthy) is a health minded application that targets to improve the health of a cancer patient from the very basic needs of a human, which are food intakes, exercise and emotional needs. By just taking three simple steps provided in our application, which are customize, deploy and start monitoring, cancer patients can find all the useful utilities that will help them in improving their health and increasing the chance of survival.


Filius Educata (UCTI)

Team Members:

  • Mohamed Mahmoud Talaat El Bedwihi
  • Ong Yi Ling
  • Desiree Chow Yik Fong
  • Derek Ooi Jiun Yee

Project Overview: Our project is a one-stop solution that utilizes  web and mobile technologies in order to contribute greatly to the prevention of the serious issue of domestic abuse against women in urban areas. The web application is meant for the women themselves (victims or survivors) and for women’s rights groups. The general public and government bodies are also provided with minimal access. The mobile applications is mainly catered to the women themselves, and to their trusted friends. On the mobile side, our most important feature is the “panic response”. If a women is in an abusive situation, activating this function on her mobile phone will send out notifications to her trusted people and NGOs. Her location is identified using GPS, and an audio recording of what is going on will be stored securely elsewhere (on the cloud). this cloud be used as evidence in the future. In the web application, we provide functionality for the women to connect to each other and share their stories, to connect to the  women;s rights groups, to access available shelters, and to educate themselves on abuse through content that has been provided by the right groups. We also provide functionality fr the NGOs to reach out to the women with education content, shelter detail updates and to maintain statistical data that are to be viewed later on by government bodies. For the general public, we have incorporated a reporting system which they can easily use to anonymously report domestic abuse cases in their neighborhood. With this, we hope contribute in the fight towards gender equality and prevention of abuse towards women.


Asia Science (UCTI)

Team Members:

  • Hamed Mortaji
  • Perinba Selva Nayagi Ramachandran
  • Krishnashree A/P Tamby Raja
  • Ali Arabzadeh Ahaleriz

Project Overview: The project is an enterprise system that manages transmission of power in power substations. The project is divided into 3 major parts: Desktop Applications, Azure Application & Thin Client Application.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog



Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia – Day 2

Today is the day, the judgment day for all the competitors of Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia. It all start at 9am sharp. All teams are given 10 minutes to present their idea / solution to the judges at their own booth. 10 minutes presentation at an open area is very tough I can said. I can know how nervous the competitors are through their face expression. Walking around at their own booth with a script while rehearse what they are going to present next.

While they are presenting, I was running around to take their photo (see below) and shooting their video. I hardly got time to learn about their great and innovation ideas wish I really wanted. the interesting thing is some of the competitors told me that they actually read my blog for those tips of presentation and follow my blog through out the event. Yeah, that is the reason why I here in the Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia to blog about this great event happen at Kuching.

I was given a chance to give a talk to the secondary students whom come and learn about the great ideas bring by the top 30 teams. This remind me that some countries that are actually sending secondary students for the Imagine Cup because they bet the others in the local final. So I’m telling the secondary students to think out of the box as they might be the next top 30 who will be presenting at next year Imagine Cup Malaysia. Who’s know right?

After the whole busy morning, the top 6 teams that successfully enter the final has announced after lunch time. They are Filius Educata (UCTI), Excalibur (UTM), Asia Science (UCTI), KCast (KDU), Cyber Knightz (UCTI), RGBY (UKM)! 3 out of 6 teams from UCTI which the university that won the champion last year. I bet the university is putting a lot of effort and support on their students in Imagine Cup. This year, I’m manage to squeeze in and watch the top 6 teams presentation. Each teams blast me off with their nice polished user interface. Well done! The Imagine Cup Malaysia this year is sure getting tougher compare with last year.

For those who didn’t manage to enter the top 6 finalist, don’t give up. I can see you all have a great ideas or solutions but the presentation skill and user interface design skill are just not good enough compare to those who manage to enter the top 6. The world still need you all, the great ideas and solutions you all come out. So don’t give up and I really want to see you all standing on the stage again next year.

Next agenda waiting for us is the grand dinner. That what we are waiting for. The grand dinner with top 3 teams presentation and follow by the result announcement of the Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia. We got traditional dance performance entertaining us while we all are having our dinner.  All 3 teams from UCTI won the top 3 places in Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia. Great job UCTI. Want to know the final result of Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia, check out my next post.


Thousand apologizes to Team KCast and The Third Cloud from KDU for renaming the photo wrongly.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog


Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia – Day 1

Finally is the day, Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia local final at Kuching, Sarawak. I took an early flight from Penang to Kuching together with Team 1StepAway and Team Vertex. It was a smooth ride I can said. Actually I though Imagine Cup this year will be roughly the same with last year at Pulau Langkawi, but I was wrong. This year is more grand, huge and lot nicer compare with last year.

This year Imagine Cup Malaysia is held at Pullman Kuching Hotel. It was really a nice hotel for having Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia. While all the competitions whom already arrival are busy setting up and declaring their booth, I run around and took some pictures of the event. One thing I notice this year is, most competitions come with well prepare compare with last year. They bring a lot of stuffs to declare the booth, equipments for tomorrow booth presentation, their own team T-shirt and so on. Well done. I can see the quality of Imagine Cup this year has improved compare with last year.

Other then that, the MSP team also prepared a lot of fun activities for the competitors. For example, MSP team is giving 3 minutes to each team to share what they want to tell the others about Imagine Cup. I see a lot of team come out with very creative way to express their idea. Besides, MSP team is also prepare a lot of activity to keep our competitors busy tomorrow, so that they can enjoy the most out of it tomorrow (let’s not let the cat out of the bag yet). Not to forget the Kinect and XBox game tomorrow too. Good jobs MSP teams!

After brief all the competitors the flow of the competition. A welcoming dinner is waiting for us. We are having our welcoming dinner at Grand Margherita Hotel instead. A thumb up for this one too. We have a live dance and live band for the dinner. Of course great food as well. Aren’t it just sound like the international Imagine Cup? At the end of the dinner, all team went up to the stage to receive a token of participating in Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia. Some of the teams even bring their university’s flag. Sweet!

I super duper looking forward to tomorrow event where Top 30 teams need to present their idea to everyone. I will definitely run around and learn as many stories as I can. Interesting day waiting for me. Check out the picture.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia – Here I Come

Just 1 more day before Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia local final will be kick off at Kuching, Sarawak. I can’t express how excited I am toward this event. First, I love to see how students apply their creativity and innovation idea to solve the world’s problems. Second, I’m never been to Sarawak before, this will be a great experience again. I had been attending Imagine Cup Malaysia final event since year 2008, so I’m not going to miss out this year too. Yes, I’m going catch my flight to Kuching to attend this event tomorrow.

I’m fully sponsored by Microsoft Malaysia as a student journalist / blogger together with 5 others bloggers to make a full coverage of the event from 4th of May till 6th of May. My task to to tweet and blog about the Imagine Cup event and provide everyone on the web the latest update of the event. If you would like to catch the latest update of the event stay tune in my Twitter and Blog or you can catch the other 5 blogs too. They are

If you miss out my post which universities or teams that had successfully grab their ticket to Kuching, you can see it here.

If any of you unable to attend the event live at Kuching, then stay tune on the web to get the latest update! Expect lot of tweets and blog posts from me within this few days!

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia Final Preparation

1 more week before the Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia local final kick off at Kuching, Sarawak. Just 1 more week before I can see the great ideas bring by students this year. I so excited! I never been to Sarawak before, so this double the excitement. I can’t wait!

Previously I see a lot of good idea bring by the competitors, but the presentation they gave cannot full express their idea thus miss a lot of points. Just 1 more weeks left, competitor shouldn’t focusing on their development any more, but shift their focus on their presentation more.

I want to share my personal experience on imagine cup presentation . This is my personal point of view and it is NOT related with any Malaysia final round guideline or what so ever. I would said, take it as a reference only.

  • Presentation script / storyboard. It is highly recommended to script what to present or write a presentation storyboard.  A good presentation start with a good planning.  Carefully plan what should be included in the script because presentation time given is limited.
  • Creativity! Start with problem then solution, this simple presentation no longer work. Put in some creativity like role playing to make the whole presentation as smooth like watching a movie yet provide audiences with all information about the solution thought the movie. Let’s give the judges some surprises through out the “show” and prevent them from falling asleep.
  • Practice make perfect. There is no short-cut to make a perfect presentation. Practice until you remember the script without the paper, no more la, lu, lo, ok, a, etc. A smooth presentation is possible only if a lot of practice is done, so go practice the script even you are in the washroom!
  • Make it simple. The judges usually came from different professional field with different background. Most of the judges are from business background instead of technical background. Instead of explain a long detail how the algorithm work, competitor should tell how this algorithm can solve the problem and give a better impact compare if without this algorithm.
  • Prepare for Q&A. Try brainstorm questions that judges will ask after listen to your presentation. For example like detail break down of cost, competitor analysis and etc. If those information that judges ask for did not cover or not detail enough in the presentation, put all in the appendix slide. Surprise your judges that you are fully prepare to answer any question they might throw to you. Try to do several rounds of presentation to others before final like lecturers, you might collect ton of interesting questions for final presentation Q&A preparation.
  • Project sustainability / Business value. Hot question that will definably ask by the judges. It is highly recommended to show how the project can sustain during the presentation, for example by government funded, collaboration with business partner, by startup and etc. Try to avoid becoming open source as the reason for your project sustainability, because only a few open source projects are able to sustain and most judges knew that. Be sure you have the prove if you said your project is funded by some organization. “Project build to solve the millennium goal, but unable to sustain themselves; it soon will becoming another millennium problem.“, quote from one of the judges during Imagine Cup 2009 Malaysia final.
  • Competitor analysis. Another hot question ask by judges. Do a simple search whatever there are some similar solution out there or not. If there exist similar solution, do a competitor analysis or you can even compare with old method with your new solution. don’t assume the judges know nothing about other products out there, they knew it. Show why your solution is more better than others, what feature your solution have while others don’t.
  • Research, research and research. A statement without proof are merely just a sentence. It is always better to tell “XX,XXX number of people killed by TB and $X,XXX,XXX had been spend on this each year.” then “Many people killed by TB and many money spend on this each year.”. Judges usually only believe on real number. Please DO NOT create those fact by yourself. If your application interface also did some research according to user feedback, that is also a research, show it!
  • Backup plan. Always have one or two backup plan in case something go wrong. Prepare a backup machine, video record your software solution (especially for application that required Internet connection), have a local hosted server (if your web is hosting at other places on the Internet), take all installation software needed, bring your own wireless broadband and etc. Murphy’s law – ”Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”.
  • Don’t distribute booklet for the judges! It is very commonly to see presenter distribute booklet or something for the judges to read before presentation start. This distract the judges concentration on your presentation as some of judges might reading your booklet when you presenting. You always have the chances to disturb booklet or provide more information to them when they visit your booth.

Phew, another long list, I hope some competitor really spend some time read out. I really hope the quality of Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia can be improve. My camera are ready to capture the picture and my blog are ready to tell some story of Imagine Cup team. See them in 7 more days!

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog